Witt Precision Ag

Products and Services:

- Forage Seed Sales: Union Forage  www.unionforage.com

- Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada Corn and Inoculant www.pioneer.com/ca-en

- Cereal Seed Sales

- Ag Leader GPS and Precision Agriculture authorized dealer  www.agleader.com

- Agricultural Project Consulting / Crop Advising

- Alfalfa Hay Sales 3x4 square and small square bales

- Grain Sales - Feed and Milling (Corn, Rye, Barley)

- Custom Farming (Tillage, Haying, Combining, Spraying and Fertilizer Spreading)

Contact us:

Mike Witt P.Ag. CCA.

PO Box 28072

Lavington BC V1B 3L9

250 - 558 - 9577



- BC Forage Council

- BC Institute of Agrologists